Tuesday, April 24, 2012

border Throw, from Clare Youngs' book "Scandinavian Needlecraft"
Valentine's blanket
Under the needle category...
I finally finished my Valentine's Blanket. I hit a few snafu's so it ended being a birthday gift for Geek instead. You can read about the project at one of my other site's here.  
 I'm hoping for some serious rain so that I can catch up on some projects. I've spent the last few days out in the garden prepping beds for veggies. I still have a ton to do but I'm just absolutely beat. Sunny days are such a treat this time of year. No matter how tired we get enjoying them, they simply can't be wasted.
  If it rains, I'm going to prop my feet up and get some needlework done. I'm plodding along on a cross stitch project, I'm crocheting a  blanket for Kitty and I'm just about done with Red's laundry bag. I just need to finish the felt details. I've got a tourmaline bracelet on my board. It'll take me all of two minutes to add a clasp so I hope to have that wrapped up tonight.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tourmaline Jewelry

gemstone jewelry
I had a fairly busy weekend but I was finally able to finish a bracelet that I promised to a friend. It seems as though lately I've been working mostly on seed bead projects so I really enjoyed getting to play with stone beads and silver.

These are the earrings and bracelet that my friend got. She was expecting the bracelet, but not the earrings so that was a nice surprise for her.
tourmaline and silver jewelry

I made a bracelet for myself
designer jewelry

and a necklace too.
   I'm not sure what I'm going to tackle next. I'm currently working on an embroidered fleece blanket, an embroidered laundry bag, a few pairs of earrings and a crocheted blanket for kitty. I've also just about finished the table cloth that I made for kitty's play table. I think I can have that one done by tomorrow. Yay!